ICCC Governance

The Board of Directors

The composition of the Board of Directors reflects the ICCC’s dual attachments. On the one hand, to the Université de Montréal and, on the other hand, to the International Society of Criminology.

 The Board of Directors serves two roles. The first is to act as an advisory body for determining the ICCC’s orientation. The second is its participation in the overall governance of the Centre. The concrete aspects of the Centre’s governance are ensured by the Director, the Scientific Committee, and the Researcher Assembly.

 The ICCC Board of Directors is composed of the following members:

Members sitting ex officio:

  • Marie-Josée Hébert, vice-rector, research, discovery, creation, and innovation, Université de Montréal
  • Frédéric Bouchard, dean of the Faculté des arts et des sciences
  • Sébastien Charles, vice-rector, research and development, Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières
  • Emilio Viano, president of the International Society of Criminology
  • Rémi Boivin , director of the International Centre for Comparative Criminology
  • Chloé Leclerc, deputy director of the ICCC-UdeM
  • Cyril Muehlethaler, deputy director of the ICCC-UQTR

 Members representing the International Society of Criminology:

  • Cândido da Agra, professor of criminology, and director of the School of Criminology, University of Porto
  • Stephan Parmentier, professor of law, and secretary-general of the International Society of Criminology
  • Vacant post, a 3rd member of the International Society of Criminology

Co-opted members:

  • Brian Myles, journalist, director of the Le Devoir newspaper.
  • Louis Dionne, judge of the Superior Court of Quebec, and former director of the Sûreté du Québec’s Organized Crime office
  • Vacant post, a 3rd person from a non-academic institution collaborating in the Centre’s research projects


The Scientific Committee

 Its functions are as follows:

  • define the Centre’s policy guidelines, strategic plan, and scientific programming, and submit them to the Board of Directors;
  • review the budget, the annual report, and the annual financial statements prepared by the director of the Centre and transmit them to the Board of Directors:
  • consult with the Researcher Assembly regarding the Centre’s scientific programming;
  • appoint the Centre’s regular and associated researchers; and
  • study any question aimed at ensuring the development of research at the Centre.

The Scientific Committee is chaired by the Centre’s director. It meets at least twice a year, when convened by the director. A simple majority of the members of the Scientific Committee constitutes a quorum. The Scientific Committee may invite observers to its meetings.

 Taking into account the composition envisaged in the draft statutes, this committee is composed of:

  • the Centre’s director, Rémi Boivin, who sits ex officio as Chair of the Committee;
  • a representative from the International Society of Criminology (to be determined);
  • a regular researcher attached to the Université de Montréal, Céline Bellot;
  • a regular researcher attached to the UQTR, Frank Crispino;
  • an observer attached to the ICCC-UdeM, Chloé Leclerc;
  • an observer attached to the ICCC-UQTR, Chantal Plourde;
  • an internationally renowned researcher, attached to an academic institution other than the partner institutions, Rosemary Barberet;
  • two student researchers, at the doctoral or postdoctoral level, Ismehen Melouka (UdeM) and Valérie Aubut (UQTR).

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