Visiting Researchers

The International Centre for Comparative Criminology provides to active local and international researchers in criminology and related fields, the opportunity to work and study at the Center to participate in its activities.

Please note that due to COVID-19, we are forced to suspend the reception of visiting researchers within our center. However, you are invited to contact us for a virtual stay. You can thus participate to our scientific activities and events.

Visiting researcher program

Simone Tuzza


Hyun Wook Chun

Gilles Chantraine

November, 2019

Conor O'Reilly

September to December, 2019

Jorge Albino Quintas De Oliveira

January to February, 2018

Michaël Meyer

July, 2018

Carla Sofia Cardoso

January to February, 2018

Russell Brewer

November to December, 2018

Henry Yebouet

November, 2018

Jean-François Blanchette

May to September, 2017

Raphaël Gellert

June, 2017

Anna Sergi

March to April, 2017

Saskia Maria Hufnagel

March to May, 2017

Mareile Kaufmann

April to May, 2016

Emma Lecavalier

October, 2015, to June, 2016

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