Research at the CiCC

The ICCC program unites traditional criminology with what may be referred to as the new criminologies. The five-axes program flows in two ways:

1) from traditional to more recent scientific research concerns (e.g., from offender risk assessment research to cybercrime research);

2) along a micro-macro continuum of analysis (the individual offender → institutional social control agencies → community and network configurations → state issues → the digital society).

Each axis is segmented along three distinct research themes.

Axis 1, Criminology and trajectories, is comprised of issues that have been central to the ICCC’s evolution since its onset in 1969 and which remain current concerns (1. Risk and protection factors; 2. Victims and their environment; and 3. Reinsertion and recidivism).

Axis 2, Criminology and justice actors, is also a traditional ICCC branch, with its focus on the ensemble of social reactionary issues within the field of criminology (1. Police and forensic science; 2. Courts; and 3. Prison, alternatives, and parapublic sectors).

Axis 3, Criminology, networks and community, combines the growing research expertise on collective and interactional phenomena that several ICCC members have become renowned for over the past decade (1. Marginalization and profiling; 2. Co-offending, gangs and organized crime; 3. Collusion and corruption).

Axis 4, Criminology and transnational issues, is comprised of research projects that centre on security restoration and consolidation policies, radicalization, and general transnational governance issues (1. Conflict and peace; 2. Terrorism and antiterrorism; 3. Border governance).

Axis 5, Criminology and the digital society, represents the ICCC’s newest and vastest frontier, with ambitious research efforts committed to understanding the implications of a virtual (or cyber) society on crime and its social control (1. Technologies and digital space; 2. Cybercrime and emerging risks; and 3. Cybersecurity and digital governance).

The centre’s previous axes, regulation and intervention, remain as the underlying transversal priorities that unite all members in their diverse contributions to research, practical settings, and general society.

Axis 1- Criminology and trajectories

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Axis 2 – Criminology and justice actors

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Axis 3 - Criminology, networks, and community

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Axis 4 - Criminology and transnational issues

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Axis 5 - Criminology and digital society

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