ICCC Fellowships

Please click on the Details section of each fellowship for more information and to view past recipients.

Students who wish to submit their nominations for ICCC fellowships are requested to provide a standardized curriculum vitae in order to facilitate the study of records. 

For ICCC students



Thesis Fellowships

 December 9th 2021 (ongoing)

 3 500$ (master)
 5 000$ (doctoral)

Carlo Morselli Grant

December 1st, 2021 (ongoing)

 5 000$  Details

Symposium Fellowships

December 9th 2021 (ongoing)  300$ (Québec)
 1 000$ (Canada)
 1 500$  (International)

 Knowledge transfer Fellowship (formerly «Research-society» Fellowship)


 1 000$ (master)
1 500$ (doctoral)


 Data Collection Fellowships


 1 000$ (interregional)
 2 000$ (international)


 Animation fellowhships

Completed  500$  Details

 Interuniversity fellowships

Completed  1 000$ (master)
 1 500$ (doctoral)

 Fellowships for participating in a writing retreat

Completed  250$ (+tx) Details

 Bruno-M.-Cormier Thesis Fellowship 


 until 5 000$  Details

 Postdoctoral fellowships complements

 March 31st 2022 (ongoing)  5 000$  Details

 Ellenberger Award for Best Thesis and Award for Best Internship Report

 N/A  1 000$  Details

For ICCC researchers



 Grants to interregional collaborations

 Completed  300$  Details

 Grant for assistance in networking and Development

Completed  1 500$  Details

 Grants in support of the CICC research development program


 300$ & 1 000$


 Grants for editing




 Help with Preparing Grant Applications

Completed  2 000$  Details

 Grant for researchers from practice research

Completed  1 000$  Details

 Jean-Paul Brodeur Collection


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